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This is announced by Federal Residency Department, that people around the world are making invasion through various sources that is not the proper channel to visit Dubai and start working there. There are different norms for different visa categories, however people are applying under tourist visa category and instead of going for their motives they get engage with blue collar jobs from many labor provider countries.

To prevent this practice and making a sooth visa patter for all genuine visitors, and for all those who are looking for better education in UAE/Dubai, Federal Residency Department is recommended embassy that they start checking all the visa applications thoroughly and not providing visas if they come across a non satisfactory response. They are keeping those visa applications on hold for more information to get authentication. Labor provider counties like Bangaladesh, Inda, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Philippines which are providing cheap labors for different industries.

Embassy has been keeping a check on all those visa applications, those were made to get tourist visas, however they had not provide positive response about asking information. Hence a message came out that Dubai embassy has stopped releasing visas to Bangladeshi, and Shri Lanka. Here this point is very important that it was only for those who has an intention of getting a labour job in UAE/Dubai not for everyone. UAE/Dubai govt. is promoting Dubai tourism and providing all necessary guidance, so all visitors are suggested to provide your all information related to your documents.

All job seeker, should follow the work visa norms and get your all formalities related to application and documentation. You should have invitation letter form your potential employer, offer letter- to show the employment for you in their organization, sponsoring information that they will bear the expenses or your travel and accommodation or reimburse that later.

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